New Year, New Gear!

It is 2018, and work has begun again after the Christmas break.  2017 was a whirlwind year, with studio appointments peaking to 50 portrait sessions and 10 commercial sessions in November. My New Year Resolution is to slow down, take life a lot easier, and get out into the streets more with a camera.

And there’s the point.  After Christmas I decided to invest in a new camera, and logically it should have been a Nikon D850, after all, I’ve been shooting with Nikons for around 30 years, my lens system is all Nikon, and the D850 is getting rave reviews.

But wandering around the streets with a huge Nikon DSLR,  and a lens to match, = it’s hardly unintrusive.  Some of my wedding photographer friends have been turning to mirrorless cameras.  I was sceptical at first, but I decided that before I’d buy my new Nikon I’d weigh up the pros and cons of buying a Fujifilm X-T2: 

1. Tilting rear view display – so no more kneeling.
2. Weight. Much lighter than DSLR.
3. Size. Smaller than DSLR so less intrusive in documentary situations.
4. Two memory card slots.
5. Film simulations.
6. Lockable shutter speed.
7. Aperture ring on lens.
8. Controlled by knobs not buttons.
9. No scene modes.
10. 24 MPs
11. Price cf new Nikon.
12. Mirrorless – so less camera shake.
13. Silent operation.
14. High degree of weatherproofing.
15. WYSIWYG viewfinder.
16. Face detection.
17. Wireless transfer to laptop and iPad

1. Sensor size. (APS-C sensor. )
2. Noise at very high ISO. (6400+)
3. Focal lengths differ in effect.
4. New lens / flash system.

So, having done some research, I ordered the Fujifilm X-T2 from Calumet in Belfast.  Fuji had an offer on at the time, with £195 cash back on the camera and lens kit, and a vertical battery grip half price.  It started as a steep learning curve, but I’ve now completed three shoots with the new camera, one on location, and two in the studio.  I’m mightily impressed.  This is one serious camera.

Heres a couple of images using the X-T2 n the studio.




Zariah and her big buddy Roxy the German Shephard.