Belfast Cathedral Qtr Photowalk

One Hour Photowalk in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

Spend an hour with your camera, with other enthusiasts and with a local professional photographer, walking through familiar streets, and seeing Belfast through the lens.  Get help along the way with composition and exposure and go home with a days experience, and an SD Card full of great images to share on your social media accounts.

And if you’re visiting Belfast on holiday as a tourist, why not come along too!  Join in and enjoy the local crack and banter, and see the city as we see it!

Starting at High Street (parking available at the High-Park Carpark) and walking through one of Belfast’s most historic districts – the culutral and arts area now known as the Cathedral Quarter.

We walk down skipper street, and see the beautiful facade of the Merchant Hotel.  This district was once the warehousing and mercantile home of the Irish Linen Industry, and the Merchant Hotel reminds us of this heritage.  Formerly a bank headquarters the building is now a luxury hotel and banqueting faciity, with a rooftop gallery offering amazing views across the city.


From the Merchant, we walk down Hill Street, with its cobbled road, and make our way into Commercial Court, a popular venue for night clubbers – with its historic bars and eateries.  Commercial court also features an enclosed courtyard with amazing wall murals depicting life in Belfast.  These are privately owned, and are not always available to the public, but when they are open, they are truely worth a visit.

Leaving Commercial Court onto Donegall Street, we look back, and wait for a silouette!


In Donegall Street we reach St Anne’s Cathedral, and stop for photographs.

Back along Donegall Street now, looking at some of the interesting wall art, and if the Belfast Exposed Gallery gallery is open, why not drop in and see what’s on display.

When we reach High Street, we will travel along one of the subway pedestrian underpasses, and this one will have a special significance for watchers of TV’s cop drame ‘Line of Duty’ where it featured as a secret rendezvous point for two of the characters in many of the episodes.

On the other side of the underpass, we should have a clear view to photograph the Albert Clock, an old Belfast landmark, named after Queen Victoria’s Husband, Prince Albert.  The clock is leaning to one side, due to rotten wooden piles driven into the wet ground below.  (High Street is built over the River Farset) Don’t worry!  Although it’s a metre off the perpendicular at its highest point, its been made quite safe!


We walk round into Custom House Square, once the ‘Speakers’ Corner’ of Belfast, now a venue for concerts and galas, and get a photo of the beautiful Customs House,


then back towards High Street, to view the now derelict Unite Building, and St George’s Church.  If the church is open it has a beautifully ornate font.


The walk concludes back at High Street, with the option of a photo-debrief at one of the local cafes.

If you think youd like to join this or one of the other photowalks, please register your interest here, and we’ll let you know when the next walk is being scheduled.  Participation in the walk costs just £25.  Please be aware that these are all public areas, and other people will be using them, including taking photographs.  Some areas may NOT be available to the public due to other events etc.

We’ll contact you when a date is available.


  • A camera!
  • If you have wide angle or telephoto lenses, bring them.
  • A notebook would be useful.
  • Appropriate clothing. (Keep an eye on the weather)