Killynether Country Park is situated outside Newtownards, on the slopes of Scrabo.  We walked through the wood on a sunny evening in May, just around an hour before sunset, looking for the strong low sunlight making paths through the leaves.

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You can easily see what the Strabo Country Park, and Killynether Wood was recently chosen as a location for the filming of Game of Thrones.  Some of the trees are very old, and carrying strange funghi..


We weren’t alone either.  Lots of people were walking in the woods, and a group of runners were exercising on one of the grassy slopes.


Outside the wood, the area between Newtownards and Comber has arable land, and is the home of the famous Comber potatoes.  The fields are ploughed and already sprouting crops.


And just because a lot of the land is arable, that doesnt mean that there’s no livestock!  Here’s sheep grazing in the shodow of Scrabo Tower…