Dromore, Co.Down

On the way to Banbridge, Janette and I stopped in Dromore, primarily for an ice-cream in Graham’s, but who coud resist making a few images of the historic town while we’re in the area.  Dromore’s history as a town goes back at least to the times of John deCourcy in the early 13th century, when a Motte and Bailey was built.  The town was captured by Robert the Bruce (he of spider fame) in 1315, and sacked.  Before this there was an abbey of monks (Canons Regular) dating back to the sixth century.The centre of the town is the market square, with its Market House and ancient stocks.

Town Streets

The town shows signs of economic decay, – with the proximity of Sprucefield and banbridge, with their large shopping complexes, the new build housing around the town hasn’t brought any extra prosprity to the town centre shops.  In church street, where many of the traditional retailers have closed, one old stalwart remains…



Street life.  The sunshine had brought out quite a few people onto the streets, – workers and townsfolk alike.


Like many towns in Northern Ireland, Dromore had a railway service which was destroyed by the foolishness of the government in  the fifties.  The main reminder of the railway is the viaduct, out near the A1 dual carriageway, and now surrounded by parkland.

Back nearer the town centre is Dromore Cathedral, with its large ancient stone Celtic Cross.


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