Bushmills, Co.Antrim

Friday, 6th July 2018 – and a business trip to Coleraine became a good excuse for a walk around the town of Bushmills.  Although I can’t quite put my finger in it, here’s something I really like about Bushmills.


Bushmills is, of course, famous for its Whisky, but the town has a lot of history forby. 

Situated on the River Bush, the town did have its own mill, as the waterwheel proves, and a proud military history too.  The old house up the grassy lane is the old national school ‘Legion House’ – now derelict.

One poignant piece of history is the now closed down police station, half way along the main street.  I photographed it through the wire which still surrounds it, – wire originally erected to to protect the building from missiles.  To obtain assistance from within, the enquirer had to press the bell push and wait for the constable to establish his identity for he would be admitted.

Street life was interesting too, with lots of foreign tourists about the town, visiting the twin attractions of the Distillery and the Giant’s Causeway.  But interestingly, these two images made the grade for me – two women enjoying a cup of tea in the sunshine and the busker in front of the old courthouse.

Overall though, Bushmills needs a lot of regeneration.  Many shops are empty, house are vacant and some properties are derelict, like this old dwelling place, just off the main street.