What’s to see? w/c 8th July 2018

What’s to see?

Over the next couple of weeks there’s plenty of opportunities for some really good photography outings.

Most obvious of course is the annual ‘OrangeFest’ (as they now call it) on July 12th. Whether you like it or loathe it, there’ll be parades and celebrations right across the province. Where there’s people there’s photographs just waiting to be made. Don’t do the obvious. It’s easy to photograph bands.   Instead find a street or a town centre and make it your studio for the day. Watch the street life. Look for interesting happenstances, quirky moments. What’s happening around you on the streets that’s not in the parade?

For the parade itself take a medium range zoom lens and get right into the faces of the participants. What emotions are betrayed in their eyes? Determination, weariness, happiness, anger, – strive to capture it with your camera. Be OBJECTIVE. Don’t let your own opinions cloud your judgement. Good photojournalism shows things as they are.

Look especially for interesting juxtapositions. Things that compliment or contradict each other in their shape or in their message.

Use depth of field to good advantage, to remove distractions from the background when necessary. Don’t rush. Compose well and get it right in the camera. Be conscious of your metering. Remember it your looking into a bright background like a sky to overexpose slightly to bring out the faces of the subjects.

On a more serene level, go to the opposite end of the social and visual spectrum and visit Belfast Rose Week at Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park. Situated on the
Rose Week commenced on 16th July and there’ll be many varieties of roses on show.
Here’s a suggestion. If you’ve got a little child, (a borrowed one will do! Niece nephew etc) dress them up and take them to the park. Ask them to smell the roses and while they are sniffing the fragrance get down to their libel and make some fabulous images for your portfolio.

For the blooms themselves, use your depth of field to make the blossoms really stand out. Use manual focus where necessary.

And it’s not all roses either. Belfast City Council’s website lists the following activities:

Daily events
* Harp music in the Rose Garden, 2pm – 5pm
* Bouncy castle near Wilmont House, 1 – 5pm.
* Face painting, balloon modelling and children’s tattooing in the playground area.  1pm – 5pm.
* Kiddies Safari Train, Swing Chair Ride and Last One Standing, 1pm -5pm. – You must buy a £1 token from the Pay Zone Kiosk.
* Belfast City Council Recycling Information Stand, 1pm – 5pm.
* Belfast Parks photographic exhibition in marquee
* – Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 5.30pm.
* Browse some of the images that won our previous Belfast Parks photographic competitions. Why not take a photograph during the event and enter it into this year’s competition for a chance to win a share of £1,000 sponsored by John McQuillan (Contracts) Ltd and supported by Jessops.
* Punch and Judy in the playground area, Monday to Thursday at 2.30pm and 3.45pm, Friday to Sunday 2.30pm.
So – lots to do and see around Belfast and NI this month.

Remember- if you can SEE it you can PHOTOGRAPH it!