Groomsport Harbour

Groomsport, once a popular holiday destination, with acres of seaside caravans, lying on the North Down Coast just outside Bangor, and a great place for a quiet walk – with the Fujifilm X-T2 on an afternoon after an appointment nearby.

There’s a harbour, tidal though, so some of the vessels were no longer afloat when I arrived


There was a large ship ahchored offshore at the mouth of Belfast Lough.


Groomsport is the home of Cockle Island Yacht Club, and many’s a good days sailing I enjoyed from here in my teenage years.  There’s still lots of nice boats moored in the harbour…


This shaggy dog was swimming around in the sea, but by the time I’d changed the lens he was back up on the grass, and lying waiting to get in his car and go home.  He’s a poser though, and with better hearing than me, for he perked up his head when he heard the bleep of my autofocus confirmation!


Round at the other side of the carpark, and I noticed the old ‘Groomsport House.’  It was designed by James Sands for Sir Robert Percival-Maxwell of Finnebrogue in 1849, and boasts its own private beach and stunning sea views across to the Copeland Islands.  It became a luxury hotel in 1968, and then in 1999 was renovated and restored as apartments.  It is my ‘image of the day.’



Groomsport Presbyterian Church bell tower – visible from the harbour.