Antrim, Antrim…

Antrim is the county town of its eponymous county.  It’s Antrim, Antrim!  So good they named it twice!  22 miles from Belfast, Antrim lies along the banks of the ‘Six Mile Water’ and on the shores of Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles.


The town’s history goes right back to just 30 years after the dewath of St Patrick, when, in 495, a Gaelic – speaking settlement of monks grew around the presnt site of the Antrim Round Tower.


In 1596, Hugh Clotworthy, later to become the High Sherrif of Co Antrim built a secure miltary garrison, which later became the site of Antrim Castle, which was built in 1662.


On 7th June 1798 Antrim was attacked by a militia of around 4000 united Irishmen and they almost succeed in capturing the town, until English reinforcements arrived.

In modern times the riverbank has been modernised with pleasant walks and new buildings.