Improve Your Urban Photography for £2.99!


Let’s face it – landscape photography is not for me! Successful landscapes seem to involve lots of early mornings, long arduous climbs to the top of mountains, hours of patient waiting for the sun to be at exactly the right point in the sky, or for the tide to turn… All much too energetic!

But I do find cityscapes to be intriguing, – I like the Belfast skyline when I’m passing through the city, and wandering the streets with a camera, making images of historical buildings, churches, dereliction, narrow entries and architecture can be really worthwhile and fulfilling.

So I was pleased to see that this week’s Amateur Photographer has an article ‘Out on the Town’ – how to get stunning images in the biggest urban sprawls. It should be really worth reading.  Don’t let the name of the magazine fool you either.  AP is THE leading photography mag.

Amateur Photographer

If you live in or near a city or town, and you want to improve your visual perception and capture better urban images, invest in a copy of the magazine. It’ll be with the £2.99.