New Image File Format for iPhone

Apple Drops its Jpegs.

If you’ve been moving files from your iPhone to your PC recently, you’ll have noticed that Apple are no longer saving or storing files as ‘jpeg’ on the iPhone.  Instead the file extension reads ‘HEIC.’  It stands for ‘HIGH EFFICIENCY IMAGE CODING.’ and it came with the latest iPhone update.  It’s not new, and iPhone didnt even invent it, but incorporating it into the new iPhone image software is seen by Apple as the way forward for the future, after all jpegs have been around the internet for about 25 years.

HIEC does exactly what it says on the tin.  It is highly efficient – to you and me, an HEIC file is around half the size of a jpeg, with the same image quality, so you can cram more images into your phone.

If you move images for processing to a MacBook or iMac computer, there wont be a problem, as long as your software is up to date; the latest Mac software can open and read these files, and Photoshop and Lightroom, working on the Apple software architecture will open them and allow editing.

If you have a PC it will not be so simple.  Android systems and Windows 10 are still using jpegs, and Windows users need to download a (free) converter to work with HEICs.  Or, alternatively, you can set your iphone to save in jpeg mode.  here’s how:

Go to settings and look for the ‘CAMERA’ tab.


When you click the camera tab look for FORMATS

IMG_1381 2

Select ‘MOST COMPATIBLE’ and the iPhone will revert to jpegs.