Musicians At Play ~ Dakota Dave

If you’re interested in a personal photography project have a read at this from Valerie Jardin – see how she’s approaching her subject and how she states the aims of the project. There’s a lot to learn here. Follow her blog to see how her project progresses.

Valérie Jardin's Blog

I met Dakota Dave Hull this morning in his studio. It was another snowy day in Minneapolis and I was so happy to get out and work on this project again. I was greeted by his dog, an adorable Cavalier King Charles by the name of Kobi, who knew instantly that I was a dog lover.

I would describe Dave’s space as a recording studio/guitar museum. I don’t know much about guitars but I could tell that there were some very special ones lined up. Dave immediately chose one and started playing, then switched to a different one, and another one. All more beautiful than the other: Classic, resonator…

From a photographic standpoint, this was a very challenging shoot. No soft window light this time, but multidirectional spotlights creating strong shadows and bright highlights. But isn’t the point of this project to keep me on my toes by adding the…

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