Belfast Christmas Market 2019

Time for my annual visit to the Belfast Christmas Market, clustered around the veritable ‘Dome of Delight’ itself, Belfast’s historic City Hall.  This year again, it was the evening when I visited.  I took the Fujifilm X-T30, small enough to be unobtrusive and powerful enough to make eye-watering images. I had the ISO at 3200 throughout the evening. Despite the fantastic X-T30, the market was so busy it was difficult to make any decent images, but here’s a few…



Big Prop03




On the way back to the car this strange sight appeared along one of those little side streets around the City Hall.  It was the Belfast Party Bike, and the people on the contraption are actually pedalling it along, while enjoying drinks on the central table.  The light in the side street was very poor, and I couldn’t get the camera adjusted in time, so what I got was a grainy high ISO image.