NPA Awards 2019 – Winners Gallery!

If you’ve entered the 2019 NPA Competitions in aid of our sponsered Charities please check the winners gallery below!  If you’ve won a prize, get in touch, and claim it! 




1st. large framed print,

2nd. 16×12 inch print.

3rd. 10×8 inch print.


Children’s Portrait Awards:

No. 1 CPA-BobMcEvoy-01070_TobyB
Local Winner – 1st Prize


No. 2 CPA_BobMcEvoy_01072
Local Winner – 2nd Prize
No.3 CPA-BobMcEvoy-01065
Local Winner – 3rd Prize

Family Portrait Awards:

No.1 FPA-BobMcEvoy-01064
Local Winner – 1st Prize
N0. 2FPA-BobMcEvoy-01001
Local Winner – 2nd Prize

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Sonia, whose portrait of her three girls not only won 1st prize in the local competition, but also gained our studio the 3rd Place in the UK National Competition!