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Last night I read an interesting post by Dee Tutor on LinkedIn about Ghosting Techniques, and I thought one or two of you readers might like to make it an interesting project for next week! All you need to do is nip over and read Daria’s blog, find an old and particularly interesting looking graveyard, (now that we’re allowed to visit graveyards again) and have a go!

Read D Tutor’s Blog Post HERE.

Try to shoot from the back of the headstones, – to avoid someone being offended that you’ve used their family grave in a photo.

Personally, in an old graveyard, I’d try to make it dark… possibly slightly underexposed, and do it in the ‘sweet hour’ (tonight that will be around 8pm) when there’s no harsh light. Use a tripod, and make a few test exposures.

If you have some neutral density filters, why not do a really slow shutter speed, and actually walk into the photo yourself? See the effect! If you are going to be the ‘ghost,’ you might like to wear something to disguise your identity, like a scarf and hat.

It doesn’t have to be a graveyard though, if you’re touchy about that sort of thing, or a bit sensitive – I’ve posted a couple of photos underneath that I did around 15 years ago in a derelict building using ‘Ghosting’ to evoke happy memories of the family who lived there.

Ghosts 1


Here’s my ‘Ghosted’ photos from way back in the day – I was only 53 when I made these images – just a kid with a crazy dream! They were part of an exhibition at Belfast Waterfront Hall.

Have a go, and let’s see the results – post them in the Facebook Forum…

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