Templemore Avenue Baths (Part 3)

The Bathrooms and the Board Room!

I’ve finally got around to uploading part three of my Templemore Avenue Baths Project. If you haven’t seen Part One and Two, you can find them here.



The Public Baths was more than just a swimming pool (or two!).  The original idea of the baths was to provide hygiene for the people of East Belfast at a time when houses had no bathrooms.  The old bathrooms are long out of use, but I was able to get a look at them.

The little knobs on the walls are of special interest.  The attendant would charge a fee for each person to wash and bathe, and the fee included as much cold water has you could wish for.  But the hot tap was outside the cubicle and was turned on and off by the attendant! So your hot water was rationed!

Finally, a short climb upstairs reveals the disused boardroom, where the finest of the city would meet for functions, committee meetings and events.  Beautifully decorated with wooden wainscotting and ceiling, the room must have been awesome in its day.