Same Portrush – Different PerspecTive

We walked through Portrush this afternoon, and then drove out through Bushmills to have afternoon coffee at the fabulous BOTHY COFFEE cafe at White Park Bay. Iv’e spent so much time with a camera in Portrush, so I wanted to get some different shots, something fresh and original from a familiar location. Here’s a few of my efforts…

The Liverpool Supporter’s Back Alley/.

I looked down this entry and noticed a Liverpool FC flag hanging from a window, giving a tiny splash colour to an otherwise bland scene.

Wall Art!

This image is of a wall, where a house has been demolished, and strips of red plastic laid up the wall to protect it from the weather. The A shapes are stanchions, supporting the wall. In Lightroom the image was over saturated and over sharpened to produce the ‘Modern Art’ effect.

The Spinnaker

A rather traditional pub facade, – I think the black and gold contrast adds a touch of class.

Shipwrecked Mariners.

This sign rests on top of a red World war 2 mine, which has sat on this street since I was a small boy! I often wondered does anyone actually contribute anything to this cause!


This is my ‘shot of the day.’ Nowadays we send photographs by email, text, Instagram Facebook etc etc, but there are more traditional methods and some of them still survive. In days gone by we would have selected a number of postcards from a rack like this and posted them to our friends and relatives back home. It was a holiday ritual, whether you were vacationing at home or abroad; with greetings like, “Wish you were here…” inscribed on the cards – I wonder how many wrote it and really meant it!

The Arcadia Ballroom

Ok – I gave in to temptation and included this more traditional shot, an image I have made on many occasions in the past but it would be unthinkable not to include the old Arcadia Ballroom in a panel of shots made on such beautiful day.

Dunluce Castle

Finally, my weakest image of the panel. En route toward my coffee destination I stopped at Dunluce for a quick shot of the castle, but quick shots are rarely good shots, and I include this only to remind me to improve on it as soon as I get the chance.

All of these images were made with the Fujifilm X-T30, with Nikon Manual Focus Lens.