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A Different Kind of Pony! #Millisle

My visit to Newcastle, Co. Down last week produced a vintage image – a child on a little miniature pony, being gently led along the beach by the pony owner and the child’s mother – a very traditional sea-side scene.

It reminded me of another Pony on the Beach image I made around 5 years ago, when we lived at Millisle, and the beach was just across the road from our living room.  It was a grainy Black and White image of a traditional ‘trotting pony’ being exercised on the sand, shot on the Nikon F100, on Ilford ISO1600 film.  I looked out the negative and scanned it at 300 DPI, and here’s the result, after just a tweak or two in Photo-shop:-

Pony-Trotting at Millisle
Pony-Trotting at Millisle

I haven’t a clue who the person in the image is!