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Review time!

Sometimes it’s a good practice to look back at image one has made over the years, – with a critical eye!  Here’s a few I’ve been mulling over recently:-


This image of the Playhouse Theatre, Derry/Londonderry was part of a commercial commission.  The brief was to show the effect of the lights on the wall opposite the Theatre.


This simple image of Slieve Bunion, in Co Down, part of the ‘Mountains of Mourne’ range has been one of my very best sellers!  I’ve sold this image in framed prints, magnets, even mugs!

Landscape 1

This image of Ballycopeland Windmill in Co. Down is a real quirk, as anyone who knows it would realise!  It is of course, heavily photoshopped, to show the sun rising in the North!  Just for a wee change.

And finally, for this selection, an image that’s just a little more personal…

Dereliction 3

This image of Janette’s parent’s old kitchen, after they’d moved out of the farmhouse, was part of an exhibition at the Curve Gallery, Belfast.  I called it ‘Dereliction.’

A Different Kind of Pony! #Millisle

My visit to Newcastle, Co. Down last week produced a vintage image – a child on a little miniature pony, being gently led along the beach by the pony owner and the child’s mother – a very traditional sea-side scene.

It reminded me of another Pony on the Beach image I made around 5 years ago, when we lived at Millisle, and the beach was just across the road from our living room.  It was a grainy Black and White image of a traditional ‘trotting pony’ being exercised on the sand, shot on the Nikon F100, on Ilford ISO1600 film.  I looked out the negative and scanned it at 300 DPI, and here’s the result, after just a tweak or two in Photo-shop:-

Pony-Trotting at Millisle
Pony-Trotting at Millisle

I haven’t a clue who the person in the image is!