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NIR Engineering Car

Unplanned Trackside Serendipity

I was sitting in the passenger seat of Janette’s car, crossing the M3 bridge in Belfast, with the Fujifilm X-T4 in my lap, when this track maintenance vehicle crossed the railway bridge which runs parallel to the road. A quick adjustment or two, and thanks to the X-T4’s in-body image stabilisation and continual autofocus, and I got this shot from that rare angle, a shot that would be impossible on foot!

So the only thing planned about this shot was the readiness of the camera!

F=55mm, f/5.6 @ 1/150th sec on ISO800

Cumbrian Highlights!

Name these Beauty Spots!

Ok, so most things in Cumbria are high!  But if anyone can name this mountain I’d be grateful.  I captured this shot on a warm April afternoon a few years ago.  I love panoramas, and this shot lent itself so well to that format.


On the same visit to the Lake District, I drove off the road into a car park, to find a picturesque bridge.  Here it is, captured on an Olympic Pen digital camera:-


Again, if anyone can put a name to the bridge or the river…

No prizes though!