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Playing with Light

The LensBaby Composer Pro 2 with Sweet 50 Optic.

I’ve recently aquired a LENSBABY!  It’s the LensBaby Composer Pro 2 lens with Sweet 50 optic.  Basically a LensBaby is just a lens with a ball-joint, so that the lens can be bent!  Attached to the front of the lens is a removable optic, in my case a 50mm attachment, with a sweet-spot.  That’s an area that is in focus, while the rest of the image is blurred. (Bokeh)  Ok, it’s easier to show you than explain in words…


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Cumbrian Highlights!

Name these Beauty Spots!

Ok, so most things in Cumbria are high!  But if anyone can name this mountain I’d be grateful.  I captured this shot on a warm April afternoon a few years ago.  I love panoramas, and this shot lent itself so well to that format.


On the same visit to the Lake District, I drove off the road into a car park, to find a picturesque bridge.  Here it is, captured on an Olympic Pen digital camera:-


Again, if anyone can put a name to the bridge or the river…

No prizes though!