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Reaching for the Moon #Nikon, #Chromakey

Reaching Up…

An advantage of digital photography is the spontaneity that it allows, which makes family portrait photography so much fun,and so full of unexpected opportunities. One of yesterday’s family photo sessions at Dundonald featured a little girl who reached upwards, just as the camera was on her.  What a great pose – totally unplanned, and so a great opportunity to show her reaching for the moon!


Shot on the Nikon D700, ISO200, f/10 at 1/125th sec, with studio lighting, against Chromakey ‘Greenscreen’ Backdrop.

#Fairytales Photography Deals

Chromakey Fairytales and Camera Flexibility!

In the studio this week, I’ve had a lot of visits from parents, grannies and kids with their Groupon Vouchers, to get in on the Special ‘Winter-Wonderland‘ offer I’m running.  But not all of them want the ‘Frozen-themed’ Chromakey backdrops.  Sometimes we have to be flexible, like yesterday, when Sleeping Beauty herself turned up!  So, I popped her into her very own ‘dream-world!’

Here’s the result…


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School Half-Term Offer!

Halloween Holidays?

Keep the children entertained with a Greenscreen photography experience for just £25! (Usual price £125) Offer ends 5th November 2015

Greenscreen / Chromakey
Greenscreen / Chromakey

Thinking of ideas of what to do at half term? Come to Dundonald for a kids only Greenscreen photography experience for just £25. Call 07802466302 to book now! More details at: https://bobmcevoy.co.uk/babies-kids-f…/fairytales-fun-shoots/