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Keeping It In Perspective

Keeping it in Perspective.

This church at Hillsborough is popular with photographers. And why not? Look at the image!


There’s a pretty scene in there, with lots of the elements of design. There’s colour and shape, there’s lines drawing the eyes into the church, the central focus of the image. But there’s one problem. In many photographs of the church the trees are seemingly angled inwards, a distortion of perspective. It’s a natural lens effect, because the lens is low (usually at eye level) and the trees are high… Continue reading Keeping It In Perspective

Getting the Levels Right

Here’s a useful wee gadget I use in the studio. Made by Lastolite, it helps set the white, black and grey points in post capture processing. 

I simply meter the light in the studio, set the camera to the appropriate aperture and shutter speed (usually 1/125th sec) and then take a shot of the triangle thingy. 

In Lightroom, I will then adjust the white and black sliders to show the triangle as perfect white and black. I select all the files then sync the settings. 

That’s it. All the levels in the whole shoot are now set!  

Sleeklens -Workflow for Portraits

I’m a recent convert to Adobe Lightroom.  When digital photography became a serious possibility in the professional photography world, I quickly realised that I was going to need Photoshop skills, but having learned the basics of Photoshop, I was disinclined to have to learn even more new skills. The phrase, ‘Old dogs, new tricks’ comes quickly to mind.  So despite all the seminars and articles extolling the virtues of Lightroom’s Cataloging and Developing capabilities, I flatly refused to have anything to do with it.  Ok.  I’m a Luddite! Continue reading Sleeklens -Workflow for Portraits