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I’ve no idea who Luke is, but his name is on a string of beads, tiny little beads, at Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve near Newtownards. I photographed this with the new 70-300mm Fujifilm lens, with the lens extended to 300mm (420mm on full frame equivalent) and from a distance of just 3 feet. The lens, technically is not a macro lens, but its close focussing is pretty impressive.

Fujifilm X-T4 F=300mm, f/5.6, at 1/60th sec on ISO100, Provia film simulation.

Dead Leaf – Day 4.

Macro Tube Leaf

It’s getting boring now. I’m now at Day 4 with my dead leaf. This time I put a macro extension tube on the X-T30 and stuck the lens right up against the leaf. Focal length was 55mm (Macro tubes only work at the vey end of these lenses)  –

f/8 @ 1/60th sec on ISO3200, lit by a Rotolight Neo in a light tent.

In Lightroom, I used split toning to bring out the reds in the leaf’s shadow areas, – just a tiny amount of saturation used.

I’ve got to find a new leaf soon. I’m running out of options. Either that or I need to get out and find something to photograph really soon.