Moving Experiences in Belfast!

A Passenger’s Perspective…

I like the city’s skyline, and I’m ashamed at how many time I admire it from the comfort of a car!  Today however, due to a convergence of coincidences, I happened to be in the front passenger seat of a car, with a camera in my hand, – so I wound down the window and took a few shots.  Not easy, for there were quite a few other vehicles on the road at the same time.


Working on Short Strand.


Office buildings


Construction at Bridge End

Obel Tower.jpg


The horrendously hideous Obel Tower – a ‘monstrous carbuncle.’


Up past the York Road Railway Yard, and here’s Loco No. 113, ‘Belfast and County Down’ sitting in a siding with its twin No 112, ‘Northern Counties,’  Both engines named after old railway companies.

And this was difficult! Lens sticking out the window of a car going at 70MPH on the M2, cars on the left, high railings to confuse the autofocus, no time to adjust the shutter speed. It was never going to be perfect! Still it’s been a long held ambition to photograph these two locos. It’s a pity I didn’t get the third one (No 111) before it went out of service.