Coleraine Street-Monochrome

Spending a windy afternoon in Coleraine, and trying to find something to occupy the time, I decided to do some simple street shots, around The Diamond – the main shopping area of the town.  Despite the cold weather, the car-parks were full, and I left the car in a side street, returning to find an enthusiastic traffic warden had ticketed my car!  So, I’m posting a photo of him (or one of his mates) below…


Processed with Focos

I took the Fujifilm X-T30 and a 100-200mm lens up the street, with the ‘film simulation mode’ on the camera set to ACROS.  Film simulation mode is unique to Fujifilm (I think) – for the Fujifilm people have been renowned for their range of films, each with distinctive characteristics.  Acros film is a black and white film with unique grain and mid-range contrasts.

Fujifilm have incorporated an Acros film simulation into their high-end mirrorless cameras. It shoots black and white images that are far superior to the standard monochrome mode on most cameras. (many photographers won’t use the in-camera monochrome, preferring to render monochrome images from RAW in Lightroom).  Acros bucks that trend – with fantastic monochrome rendition, and even better, the grain in the images at various ISO ratings accurately reflects the grain in film ISOs.  One website describes the Acros mode like this… ‘Rich blacks, clean whites, incredible tonal range and very film-like images—exactly what Fujifilm promised.’

Here’s some more examples…

Fujifilm have gone the second mile with the film simulation modes, by adding in-camera B&W filters, so choosing, for example, Acros with Red Filter will give a dramatic  effect to blue skies – sadly none of them today!



Of course I take precautions!  It’s useful when shooting using a monochrome mode on the camera, to select the ‘RAW+FINE’ option, then when you import the files to the computer, you can separate the raw files and the jpegs into two separate folders.  Then, should you want to see the images in colour, the Raw files can be opened in Lightroom and processed as colour files.  Try it!  It works!

Coleraine has a nice town centre church which always attracts my lens!

And the good news is that Acros film is BACK!  After deciding to cease production of Black and White film, Fujifilm have recognised that film is making a huge comeback and re-introduced a Neopam Acros II film at ISO100.

News about Acros II

Can’t wait to try it!