Burning Waste for Heat

Following all the political controversy about the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ and the sudden proliferation of wood burners in deserted outhouses and barns, one bold company in the manufacturing industry has decided to recycle all its own waste wood shavings, by installing a furnace to provide the heat for their factory.  In the interests of investigative photo-journalism, I took a look into it, and here’s what I found…


Yes, Its a wood burning furnace, and its been photographed on the Fujifilm X-T2, F=16mm, f/9 @ 1/125th sec on ISO3200, with slight fill-in flash, flashgun on manual at 1/16th power. Sharpened and heavy contrast applied in post capture processing.

One of the interesting rules of photography, is that rules are made to be broken.  (From time to time).  Normally, flat light is considered unattractive – at least in portraiture, but in an image like this, the use of the fill-in flash has flattened out the light, removed the inevitable shadows, and made the whole image a little more artistic in effect.