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Belfast Christmas Market 2019

Time for my annual visit to the Belfast Christmas Market, clustered around the veritable ‘Dome of Delight’ itself, Belfast’s historic City Hall.  This year again, it was the evening when I visited.  I took the Fujifilm X-T30, small enough to be unobtrusive and powerful enough to make eye-watering images. I had the ISO at 3200 throughout the evening. Despite the fantastic X-T30, the market was so busy it was difficult to make any decent images, but here’s a few…


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‘Elf & Safety!

Panic set in at our Dundonald studio today, when this wee man came in for his photoshoot and just as he arrived the fire alarm went off! We thought it was an ‘Elf & Safety Inspection!’ But it wasn’t – it was Rueben, in for his second ‘Baby’s First Year’ photoshoot. He had a ball with the studio snowballs!

Fujifilm X-T2, professional mirrorless camera, F=40mm, f/6.4 @ 1/125th sec, on ISO200, under studio lighting (flash)

Baby’s First Christmas Photoshoot 2018

Baby’s First Christmas is such an exciting time!  Why not make it memorable with a special photoshoot at our Dundonald Studio!  Bring baby, and up to five others, (parents, siblings, grandparents, pet…) and you can have a professional studio photoshoot with a 6×8 inch mounted print for just £49!

Babys First

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Winter-Wonderland Kids’ Photoshoots

Our fantastic and highly popular FROZEN PHOTOSHOOTS are back for another year!

Book a FROZEN mini-photoshoot and bring your child along for an amazing Winter Wonderland Portrait session and let their imagination run riot.


The package includes:

  • 30 Minute Wonderland Portrait Session
  • Greenscreen techniques – images shot against a green, blue or white background, then superimposed in processing on frozen winter themed backgrounds.
  • Digital processing of the photographs ( Special Magical effects added to the images)
  • Private viewing of your images
  • One 8″x 6″ Print per child

All for only £49.95 per Child!

BOOK NOW.  Text FROZEN to 07802466302




Christmas Already?

Christmas Already?
Photographs make exciting Christmas presents. If you need a present for Mum, Dad or Granny then give them something to treasure forever

We recognize many of our clients like to have photoshoots before Christmas so they can give personalized Christmas cards and framed portraits to parents etc.

If you’re stuck for what to give for Christmas then you’ve got to admit that photographs are a terrific present.

A pretty family shot for Gran and Grandad? A smashing children’s portrait for Mum? A glamour set for hubby to keep?

You can choose from a wide range of shoots including families, couples and portraits. Prices start at just £50 for a family shoot with 7×5 inch print. 

With a comfortable viewing session you can buy additional prints – or digital photographs – for all the family members. 

Text CHRISTMAS to 07802466302 to find out more. 

Photogenic Christmas!

Bob’s Top Tips for Taking Great Christmas Photos
Christmas is a great time for family photos so whether it’s a kids party or a visit to Santa or the big day itself, always keep your camera handy!  

1) Get In Close – it’s the faces you’re interested in, not the shoes. Fill the frame with the face or faces. 

2) Keep it natural – don’t over-pose pictures – natural pictures are often the best ones. Keep your camera ready and take peoples pictures when they’ are not looking. This is especially true for children.

3) Get down with the kids: while your children are playing with the Christmas presents you want to be down on your knees or tummy photographing from their height.
4) If you are posing to be in a photo – guys face square forward and look big. Girls should turn slightly sideways and kick the hip out for a more feminine shape.

5) If you’re a couple, girls should rest their head on the fella’s shoulder for a nice relaxed, but loving and joined portrait.

6) If you’re shooting one person, then put them off-center in the frame rather than bang in the middle – it makes a more interesting picture.

7) If you’re shooting a couple make sure your camera is not focusing down the gap in the middle of them – leaving you with an out of focus picture.

8) If you’re shooting three or more people, try and arrange the heads into a triangle, or a circle if there’s lots of people – this makes a much stronger composition.

9) Lots of Christmas pictures are taken at parties – but try and keep the drinks out of shot – they look messy and ruin many a good photo.

10) If you can, try and shoot without flash – many new digital cameras can shoot in quite dark places without flash – the images will look much more natural.
11) If you have to use flash – see if your camera has a “night” mode – this will make sure your subject is properly lit, but will also show the background well too.
12) Backgrounds are interesting too – and let you remember where you were when the picture was taken. 

13) Bounce your flash! If you’ve got an add-on flash unit that fits to the top of your camera – tip it towards the ceiling to “bounce” of the ceiling – it’s a much nicer light and also stops red-eye

14) See if you can find a plain wall as a background, doesn’t matter what color – but if you get a choice blue works best for faces. Look out for fire signs, plant pots, etc. Don’t stand the subject right against the wall though – the more space between your subject and the background the better.

15) Take a second picture straight after the first – often the moment when people relax after they think the picture has been taken is the best one.

Christmas at Dundonald?

Yes!  There’s still time for a special


at our Dundonald Studio!


Get in the seasonal mood, – bring the family and dress up in those embarrasing Christmas jumpers!  Bring granny, bring the dog, bring the mistletoe…  Wear Santa hats, and sing Jingle Bells!  Go on – have fun, and collect a super framed 10×8 inch Art Print, mounted and framed in a 10×12 inch frame, ready to stand or hang!  And for those of a ‘certain age’ – I might even let you hear my ‘Jim Reeves Christmas Album!’  Up to an hour of studio time, processing time and framed print for just £45.

Book soon – Studio space is filling fast, – and be sure to preserve those Christmas memories in time for the BIG DAY!

Text CHRISTMAS to 07802466302 or Book here:

2015 Christmas Family Photography Experience!

Buy one Family Photography Experience Voucher and get another half price!

Buy one voucher for the purchaser and their family to use in the next 2 months (valid from the date of purchase) for just £25!

The value of this voucher is £140, which covers the cost of a one hour family session worth £75 and a framed 7×5″ portrait in modern contemporary frame or black traditional frame (worth £65.)

Get the Second voucher just £12.50!  
This voucher can to be given to another family as a gift for Christmas and would be valid until 25th February 2016.

To book your gift vouchers ring 07802 466302.

Or complete the booking form: