That Dead Leaf Again…

So, day three of playing with a dead leaf.

(Even a cat wouldn’t play with a leaf as long as this). Today I set up the light tent, and put the leaf in it. I lit the tent with a Rotolight Neo, and used the Fujifilm X-T30. I had three objectives:
  1. To see the effect when I used the LensBaby lens,
  2. To create shadows by bringing the Rotolight down from the top of the tent tone side of the tent. (Left, so I could hold it by hand, and use the camera in my right hand)
  3. To mount the Rotolight on the camera hotshoe.

Leaf Contact Sheet
Here’s experiment No. 1, – and a processed image derived from it.
1 Leaf with Lens Baby 1
Fujifilm X-T30 fitted with LensBaby Composer Pro, Sweet 50.  Lit from above with Rotolight Neo.
1 Leaf with Lens Baby 1_pe
Processed image derived from image above.
For 2 and 3 I used the 18-55mm Fujinon telephoto lens.  
8 Leaf_Monochrome
Lit with the RotoLight Neo attached to the camera hotshoe, – and rendered B&W in Lightroom.

I’ve never had a Rotolight attached to the camera before – and I have to admit I’m quite impressed at how well it performed for this short-distance lighting.  It did render the background almost use white.