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The Ugly Egg

Talk about the Ugly Duckling? Here’s the prototype, surely the ugliest egg in the world!

The Ugly Egg

I photographed the egg over a saucepan, with the Fujifilm X-T4, and a Fujinon 16-80mm f/4 lens.

F=80mm, f/8, Q 1/30th sec, on ISO 3200.

Easy enough for me, I chose f/8 to get a decent depth of field for the close-up, but because the light was low at the time, I chose a slow shutter speed, and a high ISO. Neither of these extremes are a problem to the X-T4, – its in-body image stabilisation, lens stabilisation, and fantastic sensor make slow shutter speeds and high ISO’s as easy as boiling an egg.

Not so easy for the hen though! Passing this ugly spheroid must have brought screams of pain. The egg, however, was delicious!

That Dead Leaf Again…

So, day three of playing with a dead leaf.

(Even a cat wouldn’t play with a leaf as long as this). Today I set up the light tent, and put the leaf in it. I lit the tent with a Rotolight Neo, and used the Fujifilm X-T30. I had three objectives:
  1. To see the effect when I used the LensBaby lens,
  2. To create shadows by bringing the Rotolight down from the top of the tent tone side of the tent. (Left, so I could hold it by hand, and use the camera in my right hand)
  3. To mount the Rotolight on the camera hotshoe.

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