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Studio Techniques

What a great day in the studio!  My first shoot for the brand-new Pet Portraits Awards, a lovely Mummy and Me Shoot, then a wee family.  Today I was shooting with the Nikon Df Camera tethered to an Apple MacBook Air, using my new Smart Shooter 3 app.  It’s much easier to use than Nikon’s own transfer programmes, and cuts out one step in the workflow, for the images are already on the computer for processing, so no download after the clients have left.


Here’s my image of the day, Katie and hannah on the swing/dreamcatcher…


The #Nikon FM2 and the #Sekonic Twinmate L-208

Back to the Future…

Today I rescued my old Nikon FM2 camera from the shelf in the studio where it has sat, forlorn and neglected for about 5 years. It’s a fully manual film camera, no autofocus, no automatic exposure no ‘modes’ and certainly no WiFi or video capabilities.

Nikon FM2 Camera
Nikon FM2 Camera

It had been neglected only because the little strip of metal that maintains contact with the battery was broken and according to our local camera shop, it’s not worth repairing.

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