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Studio Techniques

What a great day in the studio!  My first shoot for the brand-new Pet Portraits Awards, a lovely Mummy and Me Shoot, then a wee family.  Today I was shooting with the Nikon Df Camera tethered to an Apple MacBook Air, using my new Smart Shooter 3 app.  It’s much easier to use than Nikon’s own transfer programmes, and cuts out one step in the workflow, for the images are already on the computer for processing, so no download after the clients have left.


Here’s my image of the day, Katie and hannah on the swing/dreamcatcher…


Saturday #Studio Work – #Nikon #BabyPhotography

Busy Studio Saturdays!

Saturdays are great fun at Dundonald.  The studio was especially busy today, – people picking up photographs and families in for their photo-shoots.  It’s always a relaxed (and relaxing!) experience, both for me, and I hope, for them.

In fact the more relaxed the better!  For sometimes that means that we can capture those little interesting moments in between more ‘staged’ posing scenarios.  It’s said that a favourite trick of Lord Patrick Lichfield when photographing groups (even the Royal Family) was to formally pose the group, make the formal image and then tell the that the shoot was over – and as soon as they dropped their guard – like half a second after his ‘final’ shot, he would hit the shutter again…  and what was recorded was the relief, and the relaxation that come when the subjects realise that their photographic ordeal is over.  Those were, arguably better, and more realistic images than the formal poses.

So, I try to copy him!  And sometimes it even works for me, like today, when the camera caught this nice little tender moment, just after the the planned pose on a little Ikea table had ended.


At the other end of the scale, in a totally planned and photoshop-heavy image, twin baby girls Ellie and Megan had their turn on the Dreamcatcher…

Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True

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Our newest studio prop for Babies!

We’re always looking for new ideas to make your Baby Photos the Best Ever!  So here’s our latest studio acquisition – a Baby Hammock / Dream Catcher thingy.


Go for the traditional approach – or perhaps something a little more unusual…


And yes – it is perfectly safe!  Despite the fact that it looks like it’s swinging from the stars, baby’s bottom is about an inch off the table! (Oh the wonders of Chromakey!)

Book your Baby Package, or Baby of the Month Appointment to see your little one in this and other beautiful poses.