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Doggy Stars of the Day…

Today I had two lovely sessions with dogs, in aid of DogsTrust.  We had two lovely Shitzu/Westie Cross dogs, a brother and sister called Brenin and Poppy.

Later we had a lovely Black Labrador puppy called Daisy.

Here they are!


Poor Brenin  – he really, really wants those treats!


Daisy – adorably affectionate, she just LOVES photographers SO much that she could lick them all over!

Terrible Twos? Not at all!

Terrible Twos? Not at all!

Someone once told me that when a baby turns two that marks the beginning of the ‘terrible twos’ – when all restraints are off, and baby does what she likes, when she likes, and learns to complain loudly when he or she doesn’t get her own way!  But not always!  Today for my single family portrait photography session at Dundonald, (I was at a wedding this afternoon) I had this really delightful little two-year old, whose activities were more than enough to provide fun for the camera!  Including a great desire to carry a chair around with her!  (A small Ikea child’s chair – I hasten to add!)

Here she is on the sheepskin rug in the studio..


Shot in the studio, Nikon D700, f/11@1/125th Sec on ISO200

Reaching for the Moon #Nikon, #Chromakey

Reaching Up…

An advantage of digital photography is the spontaneity that it allows, which makes family portrait photography so much fun,and so full of unexpected opportunities. One of yesterday’s family photo sessions at Dundonald featured a little girl who reached upwards, just as the camera was on her.  What a great pose – totally unplanned, and so a great opportunity to show her reaching for the moon!


Shot on the Nikon D700, ISO200, f/10 at 1/125th sec, with studio lighting, against Chromakey ‘Greenscreen’ Backdrop.

Kinsale, Co. Cork, 1990 #Kodachrome

Chloe, our 5 year old granddaughter, came in from the garage clutching a little box, filled with interesting little flat plate-like things, asking Janette if it was ok to play with them.  It wasn’t!  It was a box of Kodachrome slide ‘positives’ shot in 1990.  In those days I was still making photographs with the Nikon FM2, no autofocus, no programmes, no auto-exposure, just a classy camera that gave the photographer complete control over the image.

So I took the slides, scanned them with the Epson Perfection V500 photo-scanner, imported them to Photoshop, and of course, unsaturated them to make some nice black and white images.  This selection of them is a panel of shots I made in Co. Cork, when we were on holiday there in 1990.

Some ‘sepia’ type effects applied in three of them, to create a ‘vintage’ look.