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Black and White Without the Noir!

Black and White Without the Noir!

I love Black and White, the images have a timeless quality about them, and the lack of colour seems to make the mind work harder to interpret the image, a provocative  gestalt.  But does it work in the studio, under studio flash lighting?  It does for adults, – but what about for kids?  And does studio monochrome always have to be so noir?

Scarlett visted the studio this evening with her mum and her little sister to make some lovely photographs and memories, and among them was this little black and white portrait.

So, does this image work for you?

Fujifilm X-T2 F = 24mm f/8 @ 1/125th Sec on ISO 200 under studio flash, W/B = 5600K

It works for me!


Lots of lovely babies in the studio this week.  I run a ‘KidsClub’ offer, with (usually) three studio visits over the first year, at 4 months, when they are able to lift their head, at 8 months when they can sit up, and at 12 months when they can stand.

Not everyone want to have their kids featured on a website or social media of course, but thankfully, these two lovelies had no such reservations.

Baby Daisy, celebrating her 1st Birthday with a special cake. Baby Edison, at his eight month session.


9 Tips for Preparing Your Children for a Family Photoshoot.

Nine Tips for Preparing Your Children for a Family Photoshoot

Here are some quick tips for making sure your child or children are ready for your family Photoshoot.

1) Leave plenty of time for the journey. Make sure that the trip to the studio is not rushed or hassled. Do your wardrobe selections the evening before!

2) Nowadays it’s not just the teenagers who get huffy when you choose their clothes for them so make a deal! Let the child select their choice of clothes on the condition that they will also wear your choice too. Continue reading 9 Tips for Preparing Your Children for a Family Photoshoot.