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Robbie’s Preview

Young Robbie arrived at the studio yesterday, along with his big brother Adam, and his mum and dad, for one of our fantastic Family Portrait Experiences!  Here’s just a couple of the brilliant photographs we made during their visit…




And there’s many more!   If YOU’D like to come and have the time of your life in our professional studio, ring us on 07802466302 or text FAMILY to the same number.

9 Tips for Preparing Your Children for a Family Photoshoot.

Nine Tips for Preparing Your Children for a Family Photoshoot

Here are some quick tips for making sure your child or children are ready for your family Photoshoot.

1) Leave plenty of time for the journey. Make sure that the trip to the studio is not rushed or hassled. Do your wardrobe selections the evening before!

2) Nowadays it’s not just the teenagers who get huffy when you choose their clothes for them so make a deal! Let the child select their choice of clothes on the condition that they will also wear your choice too. Continue reading 9 Tips for Preparing Your Children for a Family Photoshoot.

Active Children? No Problem!

Active Children? No Problem!

Not all children can sit still and pose. Here at Portraits2Go.co.uk we don’t think that is a problem.   In fact most of the time we prefer the images of the little tear-aways playing and having fun.


Those candid moments when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves are often the ones that really capture their personality.

So, don’t worry if you think your child won’t have the patience, we do! We’ll take the time to set them up to enjoy themselves. You will have pictures of your children as they are and as you will remember them.

P.S. Bring toys!


Hi-Key Techniques.

This monochrome image of my granddaughter, taken around 4 years ago illustrates the high-key studio technique that was popular at that time, – frequently created in our studio at Dundonald.


I have thousands of images like this, shot in hundreds of baby-shoots, (after all my sales pitch was ‘Bob Shoots Your Kids!) and showing other studio techniques – but unfortunately, in this day and age, posting photo’s of children on the internet is not well received by parents and the authorities – and for good reasons too.

Techies: Nikon D700 Camera, lens at 42mm.  f/11 @ 1/125th sec, on 200ISO, two Elinchrom 500 studio flash units, one as the key-light behind the camera, and one inside a hi-key white backdrop tent.  Modifiers were a softbox on the key-light and a reflector on the back-light  (inside the light-tent).

Here’s the diagram: