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The Lockdown Logs #1

The Lockdown Logs

Datline: April 5th 2020

It’s SURREAL!  The small Co.Down town of Ballygowan, my home town, is silent and deserted.  The usually busy through traffic has stopped and the pavements are forsaken.  Even the children’s play park has been placed on Lockdown.  Out for a walk with the camera, I’m wondering how I can make an image that will reflect the sureallity of the situation.  I have the answer – the Lensbaby DESIGNER PRO with Sweet50 lens attachment, and a bit of distortion on post-capture processing, and a photo of one of the playpark features, and the weird nature of the Lockdown becomes visible!


Playing with Light

The LensBaby Composer Pro 2 with Sweet 50 Optic.

I’ve recently aquired a LENSBABY!  It’s the LensBaby Composer Pro 2 lens with Sweet 50 optic.  Basically a LensBaby is just a lens with a ball-joint, so that the lens can be bent!  Attached to the front of the lens is a removable optic, in my case a 50mm attachment, with a sweet-spot.  That’s an area that is in focus, while the rest of the image is blurred. (Bokeh)  Ok, it’s easier to show you than explain in words…


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