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Guildhall Square, Londonderry

Where have all the tourists gone?

I sat for an hour or so in Derry’s Guildhall Square, watching the people coming and going, drunks, locals, buskers, children, parents, tour guides and even the odd tourist…  All manner of life passes through it.

Co_LDerry 19-08-2020_36
Covid-19 has changed this popular tourist destination – and not for the better.

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The Lockdown Logs #1

The Lockdown Logs

Datline: April 5th 2020

It’s SURREAL!  The small Co.Down town of Ballygowan, my home town, is silent and deserted.  The usually busy through traffic has stopped and the pavements are forsaken.  Even the children’s play park has been placed on Lockdown.  Out for a walk with the camera, I’m wondering how I can make an image that will reflect the sureallity of the situation.  I have the answer – the Lensbaby DESIGNER PRO with Sweet50 lens attachment, and a bit of distortion on post-capture processing, and a photo of one of the playpark features, and the weird nature of the Lockdown becomes visible!


Traffic Jams and Nikon Lenses!

Using a 35 year old Nikon Lens on a 1 year old Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera!

It’s rare to have open roads in Belfast on a Saturday, but today the roads were reasonably free of traffic – with people ‘self-isolating’ and ‘social distancing.’  But there was one traffic jam, and that was caused by the closure of an important route into and out of the city, the Sydenham By-Pass.  This closure caused a stand-still traffic jam on the lower section of the Newtownards Road (Ballymacarret) – Just one single snarl up in the whole city and I was stuck in it.

As it happened I had a camera right beside me on the passenger seat of the car, so while the car was stationery, with the handbrake on and the engine stopped, I made a small number of exposures.  Random images, of no relevance or importance.

DSCF4309 - Montage
Busy Belfast?  Because of the Coronavirus scare, the pubs, restaurants etc are closed, and the usually busy streets mostly deserted. This image processed to a sketch.

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