Le Vendeur de Vin

No, it’s not Paris, it’s Edinburgh, the Paris of the North!  Back again to 2004, and the Continental Market on the streets of Scotland’s capital.  This French Market Stall is doing what the French seem to do best – export their wine!

The Wine Vendor's Stall
The Wine Vendor’s Stall

Photo-Nerd stuff: Nikon D70 Camera, (6 mp DSLR) f/3.5 @ 1/30th sec on ISO400.  Focal Length 44mm.

Folicularly-enhanced Orangemen!

I couldn’t resist this shot.

Walking away from a parade I noticed this gentleman walking in front of me.  The look (even from behind) is so incongruous, that it was begging for a photograph.  The media and popular perception of members of the Orange Order is as stuffy, staid, conservative, old men.  This man just blows those impressions right out of the water!


Here’s the techie stuff:

Nikon D700, 1/250th sec @ f/2.8 on ISO400.  Lens at 70mm


Bushmills Advertising Project

When I was studying for my HND Photography, one of the modules was Advertising Photography.  As part of the project, we had to select a well known company and create three adverting images that could be presented to that company.  I chose the famous ‘Old Bushmills’ Irish Whisky Distillery.  I researched their existing and previous advertising campaigns, and asked them how they wanted their product to be recognised – what was their unique selling point.  One of their brand images seemed to be the age of the old distillery – It was established early in the seventeenth century.   Continue reading Bushmills Advertising Project

More Charcoal!

I’m really into this ‘charcoal effect’ now that I’ve learned how to apply it in Photoshop.  So here’s another image, captured on a Leica Compact, in our garden shed, and manipulated in Photoshop.  Doesn’t the tongue and groove wall of the shed make a really good background for the Teddy Bear?

Teddy Charcoal

The Advertising Executive

“So, what do you do for a living then?”  “I’m in advertising, innit…”

Here’s an old image.  It was December, 2004 and I was stalking the streets of Edinburgh one afternoon, with my very first Digital SLR, a Nikon D70, (before that I’d relied on my Nikon FM2 and a Bronica 645), when I noticed this utterly dejected figure, standing in the bitterly cold wind, advertising pub lunches.  Yet at the same time – he’s reading a paperback, folded in his hands!

I couldn’t resist a shot and here’s the result:

The Advertising Executive
The Advertising Executive

Tech info for photo-nerds:

Nikon D70,  1/60th Sec @ f/5.6 on ISO400.

Focal length was 80mm (fully extended)

Cumbrian Highlights!

Name these Beauty Spots!

Ok, so most things in Cumbria are high!  But if anyone can name this mountain I’d be grateful.  I captured this shot on a warm April afternoon a few years ago.  I love panoramas, and this shot lent itself so well to that format.


On the same visit to the Lake District, I drove off the road into a car park, to find a picturesque bridge.  Here it is, captured on an Olympic Pen digital camera:-


Again, if anyone can put a name to the bridge or the river…

No prizes though!

Scrabo Tower

Scrabo Tower is one of the most photographed landmarks in Northern Ireland – pictured here from the Holywood Hills, Scrabo towers over the town of Newtownards, Co. Down.

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