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Floral Depth of Field

Flowers in a (Depth of) Field!

This flower is blooming along the side of the Moneyreagh Road and the traffic goes by at 69mph (or more) so even on the calmest if evenings, like this evening, these flowers sway with the tailwind of every vehicle that passes. Trying to keep them in focus on a manual focus lens was a real challenge, but I still liked the sense of perspective that the shallow depth of field gives.

On the computer screen the image almost looks three dimensional.

Friendly Pony-Poser

Driving along the Ballycowan Road at #Ballymena today when I met these friendly ponies in a field beside the road. One of them was obliging enough to allow me to make a photograph. 

I decided to go for an exaggerated bokeh effect, so I selected a 80-210 zoom for the Nikon D610 camera, choose 100 ISO and f/2.8, with a shutter speed of 1/1000th sec. (It was a bright day). The vignetting effect was added in Photoshop. 

Depth of Field on an iPhone?

How to get a Depth of Field effect on your Smartphone.

With the increase in iPhone photography (and of course there are other similar brands of smartphone) and with photographers starting to take iPhone photography seriously as an image medium, new apps to help the photographer improve there images are appearing all the time.

One of the real bug-bears with the iPhone camera is its lack of depth of field capability.  The small size of the lense and its proximity to the sensor makes optical depth of field impossible, (at least just now, who knows what lies ahead). So it was only a matter of time before an app appeared to produce a depth of field effect using digital manipulation in post-capture processing.  The app is AfterFocus, and it’s available now in the App Store for 79p. Continue reading Depth of Field on an iPhone?