Annadorn Dolmen at Loughinisland, Co.Down

Annadorn Dolmen at Loughinisland.

I’ve photographed the Dolmen at Loughinisland before, including around a decade ago, when I shot a wedding scene there, but when passing by from a nearby job, I couldn’t resist stopping for a quick snap or two. It was 17th January, temperature was just above freezing, and bright winter light from a low sun was casting long dark shadows and frost still on the ground, at 11am, in the shadow areas.

I took the Fujifilm X-T4 up to the dolmen with me, and three lenses, a standard zoom, a 300mm zoom and a Lensbaby.

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New Year’s Eve at the North Coast

New Year’s Eve

31st December 2021 was the warmest New Year’s Even since records began, with some parts of Northern Ireland reaching 14 degrees Celsius. That’s warm for this part of the world! People were getting out and about, and no more so that at Portstewart, on the North Coast.

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