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Ilfosol 3 Developing Fluid 

It’s a cog wheel. It’s on that big crane thingy on the pier at Donaghadee. What’s special about it?

It was captured on a manual Nikon FG20 on Ilford FP4 ISO 125 film. I found an old bottle of Ilfosol 3 Developer in the garage and decided to try it out. This developer is noted for its fine grain. The bottle was still unopened and even though it must be about four years old the liquid was still clear. I developed the film for 7 minutes. The guideline was 4.25 minutes, but I didn’t trust it! Especially when it said that dev times of less than 5 mins could give patchy results. So 7 mins it was and the negs are lovely. Good contrast, low grain. 

Here’s a few other examples

Buffet Lunch is served at Carn Industrial Estate, Craigavon. 

Donaghadee Lighthouse. How often has this been photographed? This shot on Ilford FP4 in the Nikon FG20. f/16 @ 1/125sec on ISO125. 

Signs of the Times. The vehicle technology of the future – electric charging points in a car park. 

Throwing stones into the sea at Bangor Co. Down has been a youthful pleasure from time immortal. Being filmed doing it by a friend with a phone is a relatively new part of the experience

B&W Developing – Again!

Around 4 years ago, I loaded new batteries into my Nikon F100 film camera.  We were moving house at the time, and I had moved the cameras to our business unit at Dundonald.  When I went to collect them, two months later (we were two months in temporary accommodation) the F100 wasn’t working.


(Generic Image)

I set it down on a shelf and left it there.  From time to time I tried to switch it on, but with no success.  I thought about taking it to get repaired, – but then, what is a film camera worth these days?  the cost of repair might be more than the cost of a second hand camera.  A few times I considered just putting it in the recycling bin.

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