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Ballygowan – The Time is Short!

Ballygowan Presbyterian Church Hall.

Bally 2

Originally known as ‘The Olivet Home’ it was built to be an orphanage in 1886 by Alexander Orr Reid as a memorial to his only son who was killed in a shooting accident. It was purchased by Ballygowan Presbyterian Church in 1918 and used as a school and church hall. The inscription on the building is ‘The Time is Short’ – thought to be a reference to the death of one of the construction workers, who fell to his death from the roof. A white stone on the top of the tower marks the event.

Commercial – ish

It’s been a couple of weeks of commercial photography, photographing buildings for a large corporate organisation. But that doesn’t prevent a few private shots while out and about. 

I was working in a large commercial area of Belfast when I noticed this modern building gleaming in the sun, with a flock of birds overhead. A quick black and white snap later…