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Bob Wants Your Baby!

There’s a FREE Photoshoot worth £200 on offer!  First come etc!

Bob wants a baby!!!

Yes – it’s true! I want to borrow a baby. Pending a HUGE step forward for my Dundonald Studio (Watch this space next week) I need a baby to test out new systems and new props. So, if you know someone who had a cute wee baby – newborn to eight weeks old, and they’d like a photo shoot worth £200 for FREE ask them to contact me urgently!

BIG RESPONSE!  We’ve got a baby – or two!

But you can still book in for our special baby deal – Give me a ring to get a really SPECIAL DEAL on your newborn baby photography.

#NewBorn – Don’t lose those amazing first weeks!

Newborn Memories

The first couple of weeks of a new baby’s life are so precious, – preserve those memories forever!  Newborn Photos at the studio are totally different than those taken anywhere else – and now with a variety of new techniques, cute props and professional lighting – it’s well worth a visit!  Ring or email now to discover the amazing deals available for Newborn Studio Visits!


News from Dundonald 

Stop Press!!!

Thanks to brand new bulk processing software our fantastic FairyTales Photography can now be part of any regular studio appointment.

It can even go ‘on the road’ – making formals and events even more exciting than before!


Book a studio appointment. Phone now!  07802466302


Forget the MLA’s – Bob Solves Belfast’s Present Problems!

Studio Vouchers make Great Presents – Whatever the occasion!  And now, to help relaunch our newly fitted-out studio at Dundonald – we’re offering two 7×5 inch contemporary-style photo-frames with every voucher purchased (Voucher value £50 or more) That’s one for the purchaser, and one for the recipient! Xmas_edited-1

Don’t miss this great offer!  Ring now to order yours.

Baby’s 1st Birthday! The Icing on the Cake!

Your baby has reached a milestone – their first year has passed and you are celebrating this exciting time!  Don’t miss the opportunity to record the event in a unique way – with our special


Baby's 1st Birthday!
Baby’s 1st Birthday!

But DON’T WAIT.  Studio time is limited, so book well in advance- in anticipation of the birthday date, and don’t be disappointed.

PHONE RIGHT NOW: 07802466302.

Bob Shoots Your Kids!

What happens in post-capture technology?

We’ll make a fantastic image of your child in our fully-equipped, professional studio, – but what happens next?  A lovely Hi-Key effect, or a cartoon, or a pencil-sketch, or monochrome, or a nice framed print?  Nowadays, the possibilities are almost endless!

You’ll never know, until you lift the phone and make a booking – for you, for your child or buy a voucher for your friends!

Book yours NOW – ring 07802466302 or email


Hi-Key Techniques.

This monochrome image of my granddaughter, taken around 4 years ago illustrates the high-key studio technique that was popular at that time, – frequently created in our studio at Dundonald.


I have thousands of images like this, shot in hundreds of baby-shoots, (after all my sales pitch was ‘Bob Shoots Your Kids!) and showing other studio techniques – but unfortunately, in this day and age, posting photo’s of children on the internet is not well received by parents and the authorities – and for good reasons too.

Techies: Nikon D700 Camera, lens at 42mm.  f/11 @ 1/125th sec, on 200ISO, two Elinchrom 500 studio flash units, one as the key-light behind the camera, and one inside a hi-key white backdrop tent.  Modifiers were a softbox on the key-light and a reflector on the back-light  (inside the light-tent).

Here’s the diagram: