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Sell LIFESTYLE – Not just function.

Advertising photography is everywhere. How effective is yours?

The purpose of all advertising at its root is to invoke in the viewer the sense that they too could have the lifestyle you present. It is not about the functionality of the product, it is not about the special features. It is all about the potential customer seeing themselves as part of the owning group.

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New Year, New Gear!

It is 2018, and work has begun again after the Christmas break.  2017 was a whirlwind year, with studio appointments peaking to 50 portrait sessions and 10 commercial sessions in November. My New Year Resolution is to slow down, take life a lot easier, and get out into the streets more with a camera.

And there’s the point.  After Christmas I decided to invest in a new camera, and logically it should have been a Nikon D850, after all, I’ve been shooting with Nikons for around 30 years, my lens system is all Nikon, and the D850 is getting rave reviews.

But wandering around the streets with a huge Nikon DSLR,  and a lens to match, = it’s hardly unintrusive.  Some of my wedding photographer friends have been turning to mirrorless cameras.  I was sceptical at first, but I decided that before I’d buy my new Nikon I’d weigh up the pros and cons of buying a Fujifilm X-T2:  Continue reading New Year, New Gear!

Business Photography Ideas


Compared with many business tools, photography is inexpensive considering the positive result it has on the way your business is perceived and connected with customers and of course turnover.  The advertising cliche is “half my advertising works, I just don’t know which half!”, but well created and conceived photography always works.

So here are 5 ideas to get more from your photography.

1) Postcard Photography

A simple postcard with a strong image related to your business, maybe a happy client with your product. Put a short sales message on the back, hand write a message and add a call to action and you’re done. Both personal and relationship building as well as sales building. Postcards can be printed very cost effectively, even on short runs.
2) Poster Photography

All the photographs around your company ought to be advertising, or “ARTvertising” photographs about your business. Large photographs are impactful and illustrate you care and put your perception up a notch, much superior than yet another haulage company calendar.

3) Viral Web Images

Come up with funny or impactful images and with a stroke of luck it could go viral and appear all over the web and seen by millions. One company approached us recently with the thought of creating viral photographs that directly relate to their industry.

4) Christmas Card Photography

I know it seems a while away, but may be some early planning will help. Christmas cards are piece of the annual marketing cycle, they are element of your customer relationship as well as PR and Marketing. So why not produce an photograph that relates to your business? It can be serious or comic, something to remember, a conversation piece. We can arrange printing for you too.

5) Calendar Photography

Part of the Christmas cycle and a “must give” for many organizations. Just think what “Calendar Girls” did for the WI, or Pirelli’s famous calendars still being produced after 50 years. Now you don’t need naked women, that’s a bit old now, but there are many attractive – but business related – photographs you could use for a calendar.

So – ask us what we can do to promote YOUR business!

Mad March Headshots Offer


Book your company headshots this week for just £125!

Call now on 07802466302 to book your Mad March Headshot session.

For just £125 we will come to you with our portable studio and shoot three company headshots. Add extra people for just £5 per person.


Ideal for:

  • Online Web
  • Facebook / LinkedIn Profiles
  • Security Passes
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • Press Releases
  • Organisation Charts
  • Meet the Staff Posters

and so much more…

You will get professional headshots in high resolution digital format suitable for printing and use online.  The images will be presented in both color and black and white.  Images can include person’s name, organization name and other details.

We will come to you, complete with our portable studio so it is as easy and as quick as can be. No need to take staff out of the workplace, minimum fuss, maximum results.

This offer is only valid for March Bookings – so hurry, don’t miss out, book your shoot today. Only in the Greater Belfast, North Down, Ards, South Antrim areas.

If we invoice you in March – it’s tax deductible this year as well 🙂

Just call 07802466302 to make your booking or text HEADSHOTS to 07802466302

A photograph of you – yes it does help sell!

A photograph of you – yes it does help sell!!

If like me you were a user of Viking Direct office products you will remember that the catalogues always used to come with a photograph of Ian Helstead, the MD on every cover and it felt like half the pages.

The reason is simple, brochures, flyers and catalogs all get a superior response when they feature an individual, and when the person’s photograph is repeated over and over on all materials and media, then they get an even better reaction.


I think business owners often shy away from this thought, that some how it’s a self-aggrandizement – I realise that  I do that – but I am now building my own photograph into all my media and marketing materials.

Of course, in these days of social media marketing, it is becoming even more vital.    So, now’s the time to make a studio appointment for a simple head-shot. It takes just a few minutes, and it could be VERY profitable in the short term.