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Ssssssdney the Sssssssnake!

At our professional studio at Dundonald, we have a variety of posing aids and props to suit all ages, including Sydney – the Studio Snake.  Snakes are well known for mesmerising their victims, until they are under their influence.  So when baby George came in for his second ‘Baby’s First Year’ portrait appontment, he fell under Sydney’s charm and soon was totally spellbound!  Here they are together…



Lots of lovely babies in the studio this week.  I run a ‘KidsClub’ offer, with (usually) three studio visits over the first year, at 4 months, when they are able to lift their head, at 8 months when they can sit up, and at 12 months when they can stand.

Not everyone want to have their kids featured on a website or social media of course, but thankfully, these two lovelies had no such reservations.

Baby Daisy, celebrating her 1st Birthday with a special cake. Baby Edison, at his eight month session.


Casper the Cat

Photographing cats in the studio is never easy.  The sudden flash of the lights seems to hurt their sensitive eyes, and after one shot they flee, terrified into some nook or cranny, in the hope of hiding away.  Sometimes, even when they are being held by their owner, they will become so agitated that they will claw and bite their way to freedom.

Casper the English Long Hair Cat arrived at the studio yesterday with his human servant, and like any aristocratic cat would do, calmly settled down to pose for the camera, simoly aware that a celebrity cat of his position in life must sometimes nod at the paperazzi, and yield to the demand for publicity.  Here’s a shot of him on his servant’s shoulder…


Valentine Proposal?

Valentines Proposal – or already engaged? Or just in love?

£25 for Photoshoot and Complimentary 10×8 inch print

Romantic couples photoshoot for Valentine Presents

Just got engaged? Just happy together? Celebrate with a romantic couples photoshoot and celebrate your love together with images you will cherish forever.


A romantic, fun and loving photoshoot of the two of you.

The photoshoot is in our fully equipped studio with hi-key and photo-noir and with a cool mix of love, romance, fun and togetherness. All images you choose are fully retouched and airbrushed as required. Just £25 for the photoshoot and free print.

At your relaxed viewing session you will be able to choose your complimentary 8 x 10 inch print and any additional prints, albums or digital images you want.


5 Tips for a Relaxed Photoshoot with Children

5 Tips for a Relaxed Photoshoot with Children

You know you are going to get some terrific family images that you will treasure forever. You are also worried that your youngsters (or husband) are going to be a nightmare. Just keep relaxed yourself and all the rest of the family will be fine too.  So here are some quick tricks you can apply at any moment you feel a slightly stressed, not only at your photoshoot.

Count slowly down from 10.

As you count down, just breathe slowly and unwind your shoulders.

Deep breaths.

In through the nose, out through the mouth. Calm, slow, deep breathing is a well known relaxation technique.

Laugh and Giggle

If your infant is being a little monkey, then pick them up, give them a tickle and tell them in a happy way they are being a little monkey.

Be prepared to be silly.

Maybe both you and your kids need the tension breaking. A quick game of piggy back, or walking like a chicken, dancing, singing or spinning might be all it takes to go to the next level.

Don’t get cross.

Really, that is when it is all going to go wrong. We understand that children won’t always co-operate and we are happy to work round it. If they are not doing what we’ve asked, then we will change tack and shoot something around them.

Baby Callen

It’s a cold snowy day here – so full marks to baby Callen’s mum and dad for venturing out in the bad weather to come to Dundonald and visit the studio.  We were rewarded with lots of lovely pictures and smiles, and a happy little boy who thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


But when you ask Callen to sit up and smile for the camera, don’t be surprised if he makes himself comfortable and waves his feet in the air – just for fun!

© BobMcEvoy

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